Rotlex specializes in various methods of wavefront analysis. These methods are very efficient for characterizing transparent objects by analyzing light passing through them, or similarly, characterizing surfaces using reflected light. Rotlex instruments utilize Moire deflectometry, Lau effect, and shearing interferometry. Thes technologies have several advantages over other inspection methods; They enable development of devices which are: compact, robust, inexpensive, and capable of measuring objects with large variations (within the same object).

Market and applications

Rotlex is currently active mainly in the ophthalmic industry, serving the leading manufacturers of spectacle, contact, and intraocular lenses. Our wave front analyzers are carefully designed for specific needs of segments of the ophthalmic industry, in terms of: field of view, ranges of curvatures or focusing power, dynamic range, etc. The software running each of these instruments is also especially fit for the properties which need to be measured, and the mode of work common to most manufacturers in each field.

Future developments and products

While Rotlex continuously improve existing products and add capabilities for dealing with new lenses introduced in the market, we also expand our activities to areas where the technology can be adapted. Among many potential applications we foresee good prospects in the following general application:

About Rotlex

ROTLEX A leader in the field of quality assurance systems since 1986, spearheading the battle for quality. The Company employs highly qualified personnel including engineers, physicists and technicians, based in the Omer Industrial Park (Omer, ISRAEL).
ROTLEX is owned by AGI, Israel.

ROTLEX offers state-of-the-art systems mostly to the ophthalmic (vision correction) markets. The ROTLEX technology has been accepted as a quality assurance standard by many manufacturers of intraocular, spectacle and contact lenses.

As more and more sophisticated lens designs and quality assurance requirements are established in this field, access to the Company's patented "Moiré Deflectometry" technology becomes imperative.

Why choose us

  • Innovative, state-of-the-art product line
  • Highly reliable systems of unique capabilities
  • Absolute commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Worldwide customer base, with access to and experience in international markets
  • Substantial investment in Research and Development, ensuring availability of the next generation of products
  • Flexible and accommodating customer relations, catering to specific customer needs

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