Automated Surface Inspection System

This version of the BRASS is designed for high volume production sites. The ASIS is especially efficient in the QA process of disposable contact lens molds, but other applications exist. In addition to all the features of a standard BRASS 2000 system, the added precision X-Y enables the following operations:

  • Automatic feeding of samples into the optical path
  • Automatic centering of each sample
  • Sag measurements

These automatic operations serve two purposes: saving time and adding accuracy by removing operator’s errors.


Tray Design

The tray can carry up to 72 samples. Though some standard trays are offered, most ASIS owners use their own tray configuration. These include different number of samples, different cavity sizes and shapes (for matching orientation), trays which carry pairs of male-female molds, and more.

Rotlex offers it expertise for advising users in designing trays suitable for their needs.




In general, the software enables measuring everything which is on the tray, by one button click. Special features are included for:

  • Making the ASIS skip empty cavities
  • Disabling centering when there’s a need to check decentration
  • Statistics
  • Marking out-of-tolerance samples
  • Defining pairs (convex-concave)


Rotlex provides software and hardware customization for optimal integration of the ASIS into manufacturers existing lines.

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