Automated Feeding Inspection System

This version of the BRASS is designed for automated lines. It can be used in both IOL or customized contact lens production sites. In addition to all the features of a standard BRASS 2000 system, the added precision X-Y enables the following operations:

  • Automatic feeding of samples into the optical path
  • Automatic centering of each sample
  • Interaction with a blocker

An EXR system which is properly integrated in a production line can save an operator, while performing his tasks faster and more accurately.



The sample is usually clamped by a collet mechanism, outside of the system, and then being transferred into to the optical path. Then, the software uses the reflected fringe pattern and the XY stage for precise centering of the sample.



Other than the inspection, feeding and centering parts, the software also includes a flexible communication module which enables the BRASS EXR to interact with other parts of the production line. Rotlex can adjust the software to work with all production equipment available in the market.

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