Class Plus

The Ultimate Lens Mapper

The Ultimate Lens Mapper for Manufacturers and Researchers

The Rotlex Class Plus is a revolutionary spectacle lens inspection system. It provides high-resolution power and astigmatism maps within seconds. These are used for verifying the prescription, assessing the design, and finding production-related defects.

The Class Plus is a Windows–based robust compact optical system which is capable of working 3 shifts in a harsh-condition prescription lab environment, for many years.

Type of lenses:

The Class Plus maps all types of lenses: spheric, aspheric, toric, atoric, bifocal, trifocal, back, front, and dual-surface progressive multifocal. It measures finished, semi semi-finished and even edged lenses.

Analysis tools:

Power and cylinder maps, user-defined cross-sections, corridor cross-section, corridor width graph, RMS map, and more.


One or two-lens full page report with user-defined items, maps at different power resolutions, high/low/average power, local axis map, 3D maps, and more.

Other output:

Maps in ASCII or binary format, at any required resolution, lens files for obtaining the information listed above, and customized options.


Power Range:

-10D to +10D (extended option -15D to +15D)

Cylinder range:


Addition range:




Measurement time:

6-8 seconds, 2-3 seconds for repeated measurements

1 For -10D to +10D range

Files for downloads: 
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