Contest Plus

Note: This product has been replaced by the ConTest II

Rotlex is proud to present the  CONTEST PLUS - a step above traditional lensometers.

The system utilizes a unique technology enabling them to give objective, accurate and repeatable power measurements of all types of refractive IOLs and contact lenses, in air and in solution.

The CONTEST PLUS is completely computerized with all that this entails: data recording, objective acceptance/rejection criteria, measurement reports and easy to use lens files.

The CONTEST PLUS clearly shows in a power map/radial profile window local defects and deviation from an intended design, including any aberrations (intended or not) in the lens. It has an extended power range from -30D to +30D.

A Compact Sophisticated system

A small 28cmX17cmX50cm the CONTEST PLUS lens analyzer will fit any lab and clean room. The systems' compactness hides a sophisticated system- wave front sensors utilizing a proprietary technology based on the Lau effect.

The systems have no moving parts, thus maintenance is easy and straightforward , and their  operation is very easy- click a button and get the
power result- accurate and highly repeatable every time.

Any Lens Design - Easily...

Any refractive lens design can be measured on the CONTEST PLUS lens analyzer: single vision, toric, aspheric  and customized. Easily set buttons allow fast and easy measurements using existing or new parameters files.

Power of lenses measured in air can be converted to other ambience using a conversion formula, thus prediction can be made as to the lens power IN SITU even though the lens was measured in air and in room temperature.

Annular Measurements

The system offers a unique measurement mode in a ring, thus allowing quantification of spherical abberations, asphericity and any radius related power changes.

This has direct bearing on lathe alignment and settings.

A more advanced display shows the radial power profile of the lens.


Automatic Results Logging

All results are automatically saved. The numeric values and the resultant local information can be displayed as printable reports. All using familiar Windows formats like TXT, JPG, BMP.

Control right from the start

The CONTEST PLUS lens analyzer upgrades your process with full control right from the start. Any defect affecting the optical quality of the lens will appear clearly on the power map describing the lens local powers.

Identifying these defects at an early stage is a key to better control of the lens manufacture.

This means that a lathed lens can be measured prior to the hydration process and/or after it. Of course dry lenses are easier to handle and control and are indicative of lathe related problems.


Range: -80D to +80D
Resolution: 0.01D
Accuracy: 0.5%
Repeatability: 0.04D (99% confidence level)
Reproducibility: 0.06D (99% confidence level)
Cylinder: up to 40D (wet) 16D (dry)
Measurement time: 4sec
Power: 12V DC
Operating system: Windows  10

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