Future developments and products

While Rotlex continuously improve existing products and add capabilities for dealing with new lenses introduced in the market, we also expand our activities to areas where the technology can be adapted. Among many potential applications we foresee good prospects in the following general application:

  • Mapping (detecting and quantifying local distortions) in nominally uniform phase objects: Ski masks, automobile windshields, beam splitters, polarizers, protective eyewear, optical windows, CCD covers, etc.
  • Measurement of microlenses for optical communications, DVD, and other industries.
  • Detection and characterization of hot/cold or denser areas in gaseous and liquid media based on refactive index variations.
  • Accurate measurement of refractive index of gaseous and liquid media 

For inquiries, email to our R&D manager, Dr. Raanan Bavli – email rBavli@rotlex.com

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