Rotlex – Products, technologies, and applications

Rotlex specializes in various methods of wave front analysis. We use three main methods:

  • Moire Deflectometry
  • Proprietary Compact Interferometry
  • Modified Lau Method.

General Applications:

Detecting and characterizing distortions of

  1. phase objects (transparent & semi-transparent media) – accuracy of 0.01D
  2. surfaces – sub wavelength accuracy

All three methods listed above has several advantages over conventional interferometric techniques:

  • Compact systems – half the size of interferometers
  • Robust – virtually immune to mechanical noise, the systems do not require an optical table
  • Insensitivity to dust and humidity
  • Measure relatively large dynamic ranges;
    • the measured sample can have areas with significantly different characteristics
    • samples of a wide range of characteristics can be measured by the same system with no changes
  • The technology is utilized in systems which are sufficiently simples so that they can be operated by less qualified personnel.

Specific applications used in current systems

  • Direct measurement of effective focal length
  • Measurement of optical power, cylinder, and quality of various ophthalmic lenses (Spectacle, contact, intraocular)
  • Mapping of multifocal lenses.
  • MTF measurement.
  • Measurement of curvature, cylinder (curvature in two axes), and quality of surfaces

Potential applications:

  • Mapping (searching for distortions) in nominally uniform phase objects: Ski masks, automobile windshields, beam splitters, polarizers, protective eyewear, optical windows, etc.
  • Measurement of microlenses for optical communications and other industries.
  • Non-contact close proximity sensor – sub wavelength accuracy.
  • Detection and characterization of hot/cold areas in gaseous and liquid media based on refractive index variations
  • Detection of denser areas in gaseous and liquid media.
  • Accurate measurement of refractive index of gaseous and liquid media

To summarize our capabilities, here are some of the objects we can analyze:

Surfaces: any surface irregularity, surface distortion, surface astigmatism, present on a smooth (even semi-reflective) surface can be detected and characterized. Non contact surface profiling with sub wavelength precision. Inspected objects can be tools, inserts, molds, spherical and cylindrical bearing balls, or any other spheric, toric, atoric, astigmatic, and aspheric surfaces.

Phase objects: any transparent object can be inspected and analyzed. These include lenses, beam splitters, polarizers, quarter wave plates, half wave plates, thin films, ski masks, goggles, protective eyewear, cuvettes, optical cells, optical windows, flat optics, automobile windshields, TV and computer screens.

For more details, please view our product list.

We are confident that Rotlex’ interferometers or other systems can provide a solution for your measurement and inspection needs, whether in the area of quality assurance or R&D. For inquiries, email to our R&D manager, Dr. Raanan Bavli – email

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