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Rotlex is a World Leader in Metrology Technology

Ophthalmic QA has never been
easier, faster, and more reliable.

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Full production cycle metrology solutions. 

Minimize product defects & delays.

MDR and CFR 21 compliant. 

Intelligent analytic solutions.

Customizable & compatible.

Expert end-to-end support included. 

Chosen by all leading contact lens and IOL manufacturers. 

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Advanced Metrology Methods
Rotlex uses advanced, often proprietary, technologies for developing and manufacturing robust and accurate metrology systems capable of measuring complex optical products.
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Cutting edge metrology solutions for optimal production effectiveness 

Rotlex partners with its customers for analyzing and understanding their needs and processes. This allows us to determine the most suitable systems and their configurations. Moreover, since our computerized systems enable exporting and storage of relevant data, our team can assist customers with smart analysis of the data for improving the process and identifying sources of errors, thus saving time and money.

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Lens cosmetics Automated Optical Inspection (AOI).
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