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Our History

Rotlex has been an innovating industry leader and pioneer for almost 40 years. We have been serving the ophthalmic industry since 1986. Over the decades, the company has consistently been on the cutting edge of technology, always keeping up with developments in lens design and fabrication to provide a wide range of advanced solutions to your metrology needs. 

Why Rotlex?

The Rotlex Advantage
By choosing Rotlex, you get a team of experienced professionals, who:

  • Hear about your metrology-related problems and analyze your needs.

  • Recommend the right system and configuration.

  • Make sure that the system is properly installed and used.

  • Our mission is to help enhance product quality, not just measure it.

  • We're a friendly and passionate group of professionals.

  • Innovation and continuous improvement are part of our DNA.

Building the Future

Today, Rotlex’s complete solution already includes the most advanced systems along with our new Rotlex Intelligent Analytics Platform.

Utilizing Rotlex’s proprietary algorithms coupled with the latest analytics methodologies, we collect and analyze device and operational data to deliver an incredible leap in efficiency, reduced waste and undeniable ROI.

Our new and unique solution is made possible by using Rotlex’ vast experience and expertise in metrology solutions .Our ability to collect and analyze  data helps you optimize your processes.


Looking to the future, Rotlex will continue to capitalize on the new data management knowledge and integrate it into future generations of Rotlex systems. These machine learning and AI based solutions “inside”, will enable accurate fault predictions and avoiding costly rejects in real time.


Both today and tomorrow, Rotlex’s integrated system and consultation approach will deliver: reduced number of rejects, superior results and faster testing cycles, all amounting to significant cost reduction. 

Let’s help the environment

Lowering rejects not only helps your production efficiency but also reduces waste and helps the environment.

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