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The Brass system family offers more than just measuring radius of curvature- it provides surface quality inspection for managing your process effectively. With its imaging and mapping capabilities, it enables you to detect production issues such as lathe setup or injection molding imperfections.


  • 24/7/365 operational devices at hundreds of sites around the world.

  • Measures front AND back curve surface curvature while inspecting surface quality.

  • A high-end interferometer for extreme accuracy, yet very simple to use - designed for a production floor.

  • A must-have technology for plastic molding, metal inserts, IOLs [Intra ocular lens], ICLs [Implantable contact lens] AND all kinds of specialty contact lenses like spheric, toric, aspheric, segmented, bi-focal, myopia control and more. 

  • Wealth of features enable you to quickly align and detect tool and lathe errors.

  • Detect local and systematic errors at the beginning of your process (data analytics).

  • Connects to your LMS /database, FocalPoints ®.

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