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Rotlex Defines Quality

Throughout the world, small labs, as well as global manufacturers of intraocular, spectacle, and contact lenses, use ROTLEX technologies as their quality assurance standards.

Rotlex has invested heavily in developing new algorithms for improving speed, accuracy, and general measurement capabilities. 

Comprehensive Solutions

Our wide range of metrology systems answers all your needs - not just measurements.


Get the solution which best fits your needs and your process. Our hardware and software can be customized for better integrating with your production line.

Advanced Metrology methods

Rotlex solutions use the most advanced technologies for developing and creating compact, robust, and affordable systems which are capable of measuring the most complicated optical objects.

Highly Accurate Measurements

Reduce false rejects and save costs.

Avoid labeling errors.

AI Enabled Technology

Rotlex AI solutions utilize Machine Learning to improve your processes and predict production failures before occurrence, leading to a more accurate and efficient production in real time.

Contact Lenses
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